Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Duel between Baba & Guru Gorakhnath

Guru Gorakhnath came with 125,000 disciples and stayed with the king of Bilaspur Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. The king Apprised him of the Divine Magical Powers of Bal Shiva Yogi with clouds rendering him service. Gorakh nath envisioned that this divine yogi is the same Balaknath, who escaped from him at Vrindavan. He decided to test the powers of the Bal Shiva Yogi. Baba welcomed Guru Gorakh nath and his disciples. Gorakhnath asked Baba to fetch water from Mountain of Dhaulagiri, and gave a vessel to Baba. Baba accepted his request and through his powers filled the Vessel with the Water. Baba discovered some magical power in the vessel that was trying to dissuade him, but by Shiva's grace, Baba saved himself from temptation. On being ordered to serve milk to all his Devotees, Baba called on cow Sundari(Divine Cow), & gave them a fill of Appetite. Gorakhnath and his disciples were amazed. Gorakhnath was still not convinced and to prove his superiority over Baba. He took tested Baba & tossed his deer skin high in the air. The deer skin went up high, sped away higher and disappeared. He then asked Baba to bring down the deer skin for him. Baba tossed his Chimta up and it tore the deer skin, Guru Gorakhnath tossed-up, in two halves. Now Babaji asked Guru Gorakh nath to get the Chimta back, Guru Gorakhnath desperately failed to get the Chimta back.
He ordered a forceful inquisition of Baba Balak Nath. when the followeres of Gorakhnath tore Baba's earlobe to put-on the ear-ring. Milk is said to have sprinkled out instead of blood. This miracle scared Guru Gorakhnath’s disciples. At the same time, Babaji escaped their grasp and hid in a secret cave, to avoid Guru Gorakhnath. It is believed that Bhaironnath and Bhartriharinath were also disciples of Guru Gorakhnath and after this incident they paid salutations to Baba. All the disciples abandoned Guru Gorakhnath and he soon realized the eternal truths about Baba. He bowed to Baba and left with Bhaironnath. BhartriHari remained with Baba. Baba gave Bhartrihari a divine fruit and asked him to give it to one he loved the most. Bhartrihari left for Ujjain with this divine fruit. Baba then went back to Shah-Talai and met Mata Ratno.


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  2. Bahut jhoot bolta hai tu.
    Itna galat info kaun btata hai tujh ko?

  3. This is completely fake story...

    Don't go on the untrusted or unauthorized stories...

    From authorized trusted NavNath BhaktiKathasar it can be seen that Guru GorakshNathji was never ever defeated by anyone because he is HariNarayan..he looks like Shiva but incarnated from ShivJis heart...so he is Vishnu and Shiva both... No one ever defeated Bhagwan Vishnu..

    Guru GorakshNathJi is both SadaShiv + Param Vishnu...

    Open your eyes and see and apply your commonsense that EVERY where Guru GorakshNathJi at highest For e.g Tyambakeshwar Jyotirling etc..

    जो नाथ किसी का ध्यान नहीं लगाए ब्रह्मा विष्णु तेंतीश कोटि जिनको प्रणाम हैं लगाए वो एक शिवलिंग स्वरुप भगवान शिवगोरक्षनाथ हैं !

  4. This is absolutely fake and ridiculous story. This is all wrong. You can check with navnath bhaktisar granth for the truth. These people are only money minded people and are here to fool the people. The owner of this blog carry the responsibility of providing any written proof about what has been stated. If author fails to provide any such proof, that means the author is lying.

  5. I was reading the story but i did not completed it ... Not even half story I read.. I understood that its a fake story while reading a little part of it only ..
    I dot know to whom does the blog belongs to bt I would request him to not to publish fake stories like this
    Guru gorakshnath ji is the king of all, he is Shiva he is Hari Narayan no one can even think of A duel with him..
    My request to you is to remove this post

  6. This is wrong story...
    Plz remove it...

    Do not spread wrong information

  7. for more info about Balaknath read .....goraknathdisciple.blogspot.in

    Jai Guru Gorakshnathji !!

  8. कुछ तथ्य हैँ जो मेँ
    आप भगतो सेँ शेयर करना चहता हुँ जिसे पढने के
    बाद आप भगत यह मान लेँगेँ
    कि बाबा बालकनाथ जी गुरु गोरखनाथ
    जी को युद्ध मेँ पराजित नही कर सकतेँ:-
    1> बाबा बालकनाथ जी को भगवान
    कार्तिकेय(शिव पुत्र) का अवतार
    माना जाता हैँ और गुरु गोरखनाथ जी तो शिव
    स्वरुप हैँ गोरखनाथ जी तो पुर्ण शिव है
    भला बेटा कार्तिकेय अपने पिता शिव पर कैसे
    विजय पा सकता हैँ।
    2>गुगल मेँ बाबा बालकनाथ जी केँ
    विकिपीडिया मेँ लिखा हैँ बाबा बालक नाथ
    जी कार्तिकेय के अवतार हैँ और गुरु गोरखनाथ
    जी हरि नारायण अवतार हैँ भला श्री हरि पर
    कौन विजय पा सका है आज तक।
    3>बाबा बालकनाथ जी के गुरु श्री दत्तात्रेय हैँ
    और गुरु दत्तात्रेय जी तो गुरु गोरखनाथ जी के
    चेले हैँ इसका मतलब गुरु गोरखनाथ
    जी बाबा बालकनाथ जी के दादा गुरु हुऐ।
    4>बाबा बालकनाथ जी को नव नाथोँ से ऊपर
    मना जाता हैँ मगर नवनाथोँ मेँ से एक नाथ
    तो श्री गुरु अदिनाथ भगवान शिव हैँ
    वया बेटा पिता सेँ बडा हो गया।
    5>बाबा बालकनाथ जी को शिव का अवतार
    वी माना जाता हैँ मगर बाबा बालकनाथ
    जी के कानोँ मेँ कुण्डल नही हैँ और भगवान शिव के
    कानोँ मे कुण्डल हैँ शिव के कान मेँ कुण्डल और शिव
    अवतारी बिना कुण्डल के ये कैसे संभव हैँ भगतो मुझे
    पुरा विशवास हैँ कि आप मेरे इन तथ्योँ सेँ सहमत हैँ
    हमेँ गुरु गोरखनाथ जी के नाम को बचाऐ रखना हैँ
    इसके लिऐ हमे जो भी करना पडे हम करेँगेँ अपने गुरु
    गोरखनाथ जी के लिऐ !
    ॥ जब तक सुरज चाँद रहेगा गुरु गोरख
    तेरा नाम रहेगा ॥
    { जिसके ऊपर तु गोरख सो दुख कैसा पावे
    मिल जावे ऊनु सब कुछ जो तुझ संग प्रित लगावे }
    Amandeep plz dnt spread wrong info about guru gorakhnath ji he is father of balaknath ji
    Plz removethis post

  9. bhai apki sari Bat thik h par bhagwan dattatreya ji guru gorakh ji k shishya nahi the .. wo tu gorkhnath ji k guru matsyendranath k bhi guru the